Bookmark Printing for Your Bookstore

Bookmarks are perhaps the best way to get the most attention to a specific cause or event. However, the number one industry that should be utilizing bookmarks are bookstores and libraries. Both of these institutions sell books, and as a result as always on the lookout for some ways to easily market themselves to the masses. Below are the top four design tips to marketing your bookstore with bookmarks.

Copy - Make sure that the copy you choose to use is something that is reflective of your bookstore. That means that the tone should be something that is unique to its atmosphere. As a result try and think of things that would interest your customers. Perhaps it would be a brain teaser, or maybe even a saying that is local to your community. This will help in not only connecting, but also bringing attention to your store.

Flyer Marketing For Your Salon

Flyers are perhaps the best way to get involved. They not only allow you to quickly and easily disseminate your message to a large group of people, but they also allow you to brand yourself over a large region. However, with all of the benefits that flyers can provide, there are a few things that you should keep in mind should you decide to follow through with your marketing efforts. Below are the top five tips to ensuring you get the most from your efforts.

Images - Make sure that the images you choose are all inline with your current marketing efforts. These images should be the same images that you include on your website, as well as your other printed collateral. Just remember that the number one thing you need to do is to keep all of your branding cohesive. By including repetitive branding you will not only be able to get the most from your marketing efforts, but will also help in building brand credibility.

Postcard Marketing For Your Small Business

Postcards are perhaps the best way to market your business. They not only provide you with enough space to clearly identify your company, but also allow you to simply and easily state who you are and what your can do for your business. As a result, it is best to properly plan where each image, background and text box will be placed. Below are the top four tips to ensuring that you get the most from your postcards.

Copy - Make sure that the postcards you choose are something that will entail a great deal of explaining who you are, what you do, how you do it better and why the recipient should believe you. This will help in not only getting word out about your company but also help in building a following for your business.

Why Your Middle Name Repels New Customers To Your Small Business

I like to read.

And for the life of me, I can't figure something out:

Why do authors use their middle name?

Her name isn't Lisa Stearns.

It's Lisa P. Stearns, author of 29 mystery books.

His name isn't Bob Rich.

It's Robert Davis Rich, author and expert of 18th century History.